• Sunday, 30th Apr, 2017

Attention all registered employers / enrolled persons!!! All are requested to update their old number immediately if not done earlier.



     All enrolled persons and registered employers who holds Certificate of Enrolment and/or Certificate of Registration with 10- alpha-numeric characters (such as ECN1234567 or RCN2345678) shall have to obtain 12-digit new Enrolment number and/or 12-digit new Registration number   by updating their existing old enrolment and/registration records through this website. Without obtaining the 12-digit numbers payment of tax and filing of returns (2014-15 onwards) will not be possible. Those who have not updated their existing old enrolment and/or registration records are requested to get their records updated (to obtain 12-digit number) through the website immediately. If the records are not updated , the Department may cancel those records and treat them accordingly. 


Source: Profession Tax, Last Updated on: 29th Apr, 2017

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